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Internal Audit Services

AMW Audit provides professional auditing solutions to clients all over throughout Australia, while maintaining best industry practices for trusted results.

Our professional auditing solutions provide valuable insights to identify and mitigate risks within your business, improve effectiveness and efficiency of your operations and assist you in making informed strategic decisions.

With over 1,000 returning clients annually, we pride ourselves on the strong long-standing relationships with have with our existing clients that regularly engage in our services.

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We are an Ideal Partner For Your Internal Audit Needs

Our internal audit services play a vital role in helping organisations identify and mitigate risks,  reduce waste and capital used, and drive efficiency and effectiveness whilst ensuring compliance with laws, regulations, and industry standards. We do this by reviewing and evaluating the organisation’s processes and procedures, which provide valuable insights to assist management make well informed decisionsregarding operations and strategy.

By serving as an early warning system, internal audits identify and address issues before they escalate into major problems. This helps safeguard organisations from financial losses and reputational damage. Furthermore, internal audit fosters a culture of risk management and compliance, leading to enhanced performance and growth.

Our Internal Audit services help our clients achieve their goals, remain compliant and identify opportunities for improvement. Our ways of working with clients sets us apart from other Audit firms and with work-life balance a priority for AMW Audit, we are proud of our staff’s long tenure with us.


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One of the most important roles that our auditors at AMW Audit play when providing services to clients is assurance. We do this by making sure that all of the information that we provide after an investigation is accurate, in-depth, and reliable. This provides the right context that will help with making business decisions.

With assurance services, your organisation will also gain more credibility. This can help boost your bottom line when you are pursuing projects that require more transparency and trust.

Why Use Internal Audit Services?

Our expertise and knowledge of the market can help mitigate risks to your business. We identify the ventures that pose an unacceptable level of risk. This helps maintain accountability for you and provides assurance for management and stakeholders, ensuring there are no surprises identified during an external audit.

Effective risk management will put you ahead of the competition. Fewer risks means more focus, leading to more successful ventures and higher returns on investments. Regularly checking the effectiveness of your management practices and controls helps boost internal and external stakeholder confidence in the organisation.

Managing risks through auditing provides more assurance over business and organisational operation. By auditing enterprise risks, operational risks and security, work efficiency, productivity, assets under management, as well as return on investment (ROI) against compliance, regulation and best practice; internal controls such as policies and procedures that support business operations can be uplifted to help drive and create organisational value.

Efficient risk management lowers costs both directly and indirectly for your organisation. Our automated processes can also help keep costs of audit services low without impacting our identification of opportunities to lower costs and expenses in your organisation.

AMW Audit has a team of highly qualified auditors with extensive knowledge of laws and regulations. An internal audit/review of your compliance with applicable laws and regulations will help identify gaps in your compliance processes that enable you to rectify them directly, or with the help of our team.

Our team of qualified, proficient, and experienced auditors can help streamline your business operations through effective risk management practices. This improves operational efficiency, reducing delays, and enhances monitoring of company data.

You can rely on our Internal Audit Services

At AMW Audit, our team of qualified auditors can help you get prepared for your audits. We specialise in investigation and analysis that means we know what information is needed for a quality audit file.

Our goal is to offer high-quality audit services at reasonable prices that deliver exceptional and reliable results for you.


Our Internal Audit Service Offerings

Standardised Audit Methodologies

  • Our team have a proven and reliable audit methodology and set of objectives that ensures we assess the right areas of your business to the right level of detail based on risk- and evidence based approaches
  • Our qualified and experienced auditors know where to investigate to determine policy and process gaps across compliance and bestpractice, as well as to assess controls and report findings.
  • We can assist you to close gaps through our internal auditing service, which is a key point of difference to External Audits.

Preparing Financial Statements

  • Our team of dedicated and qualified auditors are capable of rapidly preparing financial statements to accompany the audit file.
  • We can prepare your financial statements including Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Statement of Changes in Equity, Cash Flow statements and Notes to the Financials.
  • We work with you make any adjustments for accuracy and compliance with your financial reporting framework and applicable Australian Accounting Standards.

Reviewing and Developing New Financial Models

  • We examine details like the pricing, cash flow and net tangible assets to determine if the current model is working or if it needs to be uplifted from a compliance or from a performance perspective.
  • We may determine that the current financial model of your business is inadequate or requires redevelopment due to varying reasons
  • Our experienced and capable auditing team can assist to develop a new financial models if and when needed.
  • We create a framework that will add value to the company and streamline the financial management process.

Conduct Risk Assessment

Our team of dedicated and competent auditors:

  • Work to understand your business context and operations to identify and assess audit risks from an enterprise through to a detailed operational level, based on your needs
  • Determine materiality of any risks or control shortfalls
  • Develop an agreed risk management plan for gaps and shortfalls

to help improve your organisation’s internal control mechanisms.

Quality Service Satisfied Clients

We have been practicing for over 50 years, during which time we have experienced consistent growth through referrals from satisfied clients.

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