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External Audit Services

AMW Audit provides professional auditing solutions to over 1,000 returning clients all over Australia, whilst maintaining best industry practices for trusted results.

We exceed quality & compliance standards for Australian external audit services. We will provide you with an independent assessment to assure complaint, accurate and reliable operational and financial reporting. Our approach to external audit focusses on delivering the most benefit to you.

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Using AMW Audit’s external  audit services will assure independent assessment, examinations and analysis of your an organisation’s financial statements and operations.

We ensure the accuracy and reliability of your financial statements while confirming compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Our external audit services also help identify areas for improvement and assist your organisation to mitigate risk.

AMW Audit provide cost-effective and, responsive External Audit services at reasonable prices.

Leveraging our network of professionals with extensive experience across multiple industries, as well as our size, scale, and innovative solutions enable us to provide external audit services to a high-quality.


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One of the most important roles that our auditors at AMW Audit play when providing services to clients is assurance. We do this by making sure that all of the information that we provide after an investigation is accurate, in-depth, and reliable. This provides the right context that will help with making business decisions.

With assurance services, your organisation will also gain more credibility. This can help boost your bottom line when you are pursuing projects that require more transparency and trust.

Why Use External Audit Services?

Our team of highly trained professionals are qualified to meticulously examine and analyse financial statements accompanied by independent external audit reports that meet Auditing Standards Board requirements. Our priority is to provide our clients with the essential information they need to make critical decisions in a smooth, standardised approach and in a timely manner.

These reports offer clear insights to the organisation’s leadership of the business’s financial health, compliance, and associated risks.

To keep your business running optimally, it is crucial to adhere to market regulations. Our external audit services, ensure that your business identifies any noncompliance and help you avoid potential legal pitfalls.

Regulations change frequently, so regular external audits will help  your organisation remain compliant. Engaging our services is a simple way to prevents unfortunate legislative entanglements.

External audit services provide stakeholders with comfort that business operations have been reviewed. By identifying deficiencies and areas for improvement, our professional auditors provide executives and management awareness of any weaknesses in controls.

Our recommendations assist streamline the business in an independent way that helps boost efficiency, effectiveness, and keeps stakeholders as informed as possible.

Allowing us to conduct an external audit on your organisation will help enhance your operation’s legitimacy and credibility. Letting auditors identify problem areas in your business, demonstrates your willingness to comply with regulations.

Trust is a major concern for customers, investors, and governing authorities. An external audit is a tangible demonstration of goodwill and transparency, particularly when conducted by an entirely independent external audit company, such as AMW Audit.

Stakeholders need to know that their interests are protected. Our external audit services help provide that assurance. External Audits demonstrate that leadership comply with regulations, address potential risks, and safeguard the business’ financial integrity.

External audit also provide transparency, a quality valued by shareholders. It also reassures investors that the business is being managed in accordance with their financial interests.

Weak, ineffective, and inefficient areas of your business reduce productivity. Our services,  identify areas that require attention, monitoring, or improvement actions to achieve your business goals.

Our highly competent team of auditors are adept at identifying potential wastage, delays, and fraud from harming your organisation’s operations and bottom line that enables your organisation to respond.

You can rely on our External Audit Services

At AMW Audit, our team of qualified auditors can help you through delivery of External Audit services. We specialise in investigation and analysis that means we know what information is needed to meet stakeholder and compliance requirements.

Our goal is to offer high quality audit services at reasonable prices that deliver exceptional and reliable results for you.


Our External Audit Service Offerings

Standardised Audit Methodologies

  • Our team have a proven and reliable audit methodology and set of objectives that ensures we assess the right areas of your business to the right level of detail based on risk- and evidence based approaches
  • Our qualified and experienced auditors know where to investigate to determine material risk, assess controls and report findings
  • Our reports are regulation-compliant and align to your financial reporting framework and applicable Australian Accounting Standards.

Preparing Financial Statements

  • Our team of dedicated and qualified auditors are capable of rapidly preparing financial statements to accompany the audit file.
  • We can prepare your financial statements including Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Statement of Changes in Equity, Cash Flow statements and Notes to the Financials.
  • We work with you make any adjustments for accuracy and compliance with your financial reporting framework and applicable Australian Accounting Standards.

Conduct Risk Assessment

Our team of dedicated and competent auditors:

  • Work to understand your business context and operations to identify and assess audit risks
  • Determine materiality of any gaps or information shortfalls
  • Develop an agreed risk management plan for gaps and shortfalls

to help improve your organisation’s internal control mechanisms.

Quality Service Satisfied Clients

We have been practicing for over 50 years, during which time we have experienced consistent growth through referrals from satisfied clients.

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