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40 Years Of Trusted Audit-Only Service

For over 40 years, AMW Audit has been providing businesses, organisations, and governing bodies. We offer our services to enterprises of various sizes, allowing us to gain decades of experience and sharpening our auditing expertise.

Our growing list of satisfied customers is proof of our commitment to providing professional, transparent, and efficient auditing services. We guarantee independent assessment, examinations, and analysis to make sure that our clients remain compliant with regulations.

Why AMW’s Audit Services Are Perfect For Making Your Audit Ready

Are you a holder of an AFS Licence? Do you need help with auditing your financial statements? If so, reach out for a conversation to see how we can help you. 

    Why AMW Audit Is Perfect For Your External Audit Needs

    AMW Audit is one of the leading audit-only firms in Australia, serving a wide range of businesses and organisations for all of their professional auditing needs. Our full suite of services provides considerable benefits to our clients in helping them achieve their goals and producing desired results.

    Detailed Reports

    Our team of highly trained professionals are qualified to conduct meticulous examinations and analyses of financial reports in order to produce an accurate report with all of the relevant details. It’s of vital importance for us to provide our clients with all of the information they need to make critical decisions. 

    These reports can give an organisation’s leadership a clear picture of the business’ condition, compliance status, and the relevant risks. 

    Complying With Regulations

    Market regulations must be adhered to in order to maintain optimum business operations. Through our external audit services, we can ensure that your business is compliant with these regulations. We can also make sure that it is free of potential legal pitfalls.

    Regulations also change all the time, so regular external audits will keep making sure that your organisation stays compliant. This prevents unfortunate legislative entanglements in the future that could be avoided by simply engaging our services. 

    Improved external Systems & Controls

    External audit services allow auditors to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the clients’ business operations. By identifying deficiencies and areas that could be improved upon, our professional auditors can give executives and organisation heads more control over their accounting systems. 

    Recommendations with regard to these systems and controls can also be issued for the sake of making the business more efficient, effective, and compliant. 

    Increased Credibility

    Allowing us to conduct an external audit on your organisation will help give your operations more legitimacy and credibility. It does this by letting auditors identify problem areas in your business and showing that you are willing to comply with regulations. 

    Trust is a major issue among customers, investors, and governing authorities. An external audit is a tangible display of goodwill and transparency, especially if it is done by completely independent external audit companies. 

    Boost Stakeholder Confidence

    Stakeholders need to know that their interests are protected and external audits can help provide that. It shows that those in leadership positions are complying with regulations, addressing potential risks, and safeguarding the business’ financial integrity. 

    An external audit is also a move toward transparency, which shareholders always appreciate. It also reassures investors that the business is being operated in accordance with their financial interests. 

    Strengthens Productivity & Efficiency

    Weak, ineffective, and inefficient areas of your business will slow it down and reduce productivity. Through our services, we can point out which areas need to be eliminated, replaced, or improved in order to achieve your business goals.

    Our highly competent team of auditors can also help prevent wastage, delays, and fraud from damaging the organisation’s operations and bottom line. 

    Your Best External Audit Service Provider

    AMW Audit can conduct the external audit either at your place of business or in our offices via email exchange. It would depend on the size of the audit and the complexity of the business operations. 

    We specialize in investigations and analyses that add value to the organisation that we are auditing. Our goal is to offer high-quality services at reasonable rates for excellent and reliable results.

    AMW have been our preferred audit firm for SMSFs and other audits for many years. We have always been impressed by the team’s expertise and understanding of auditing issues.



    AMW Audit Solutions

    Risk Management

    Our Entity Wide Risk Management (ERM) system is perfect for identifying and managing risks with regard to your organisation’s strategy, finances, operations, and regulatory compliance. This allows us to help you achieve your business objectives and maintain stakeholder confidence. This also helps reduce risks, lower costs, and streamline operations for much better profit margins. We can also help you clinch business opportunities, gain a competitive advantage, and comply with regulations.

    As a result, your organisation will benefit from a risk assessment system that involves directors as leaders and senior management personnel as overseers. By looking over the risk assessment process on a daily basis, the practice becomes integrated into the organisation’s business culture and processes.

    We take on the burden of administering risk management so that you don’t have to. This leaves you free to turn your attention toward your organisation’s goals and other core functions.

    Corporate Government Advisory

    AMW Audit can provide Boards and Councils with more legitimacy while governing organisations or delegating tasks to committees. Our services could even make community engagements more meaningful and effective.

    The quality of our internal auditing service adds credibility and confidence in your ability to lead the organisation. It reassures stakeholders that you produce trustworthy results that will inject real value into the business. This is achieved through the policies and accountability frameworks.

    Information Technology (IT) Audit

    Reviewing the effectiveness of security in the IT operations in the organisation is important. This helps prevent inherent risks in terms of information confidentiality and operational integrity.

    AMW Audit’s team of experienced auditors can identify problem areas in IT operations and recommend improvements. We can also help in the development of Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP) and Business Continuity Plans (BCP).

    Compliance Reviews

    Today’s corporate environment is complex, regulated and fast-paced. To stay abreast of the latest developments, our team of experts monitor changes in the legal and regulatory environment.

    Through compliance reviews we can help ensure that your organisation meets its obligations in line with all applicable laws and regulations. We offer you tools and methodologies to manage compliance easily and comprehensively.


    Internal Audits

    A crucial part of ERM, Risk-Based Internal Audit (RBIA) helps improve your organisation’s efficiency by identifying problem areas that could be improved. This then provides key figures in your organisation with the assurance that the business is operating smoothly.

    Once our internal audit is done, we would then provide a transparent and detailed report. We will also provide our recommendations for improving operational efficiency and financial reporting reliability. This service will also allow us to catch and prevent fraud, protect the organisation’s assets, and ensure that you are complying with regulations.

    Our internal audit service can also be used alongside your organisation’s Annual Internal Audit Plan. After the Board and Management identify areas that require internal audits, we can focus specifically on those with the same level of professionalism as expected.

    Operational and Process Reviews

    With a focus on value for money and business improvement, these reviews are aimed at reducing waste, economising operations and increasing efficiencies. They can help maximise opportunities, minimise costs and streamline processes so you can focus on more important areas of your organisation.

    We assess and develop processes in line with quality standards to ensure that your investment in improvements meets best practice.

    Policy and Procedures Development & Management

    We can review your organisation’s policies and help develop new policies, rules, and guidelines. This ensures that your business adheres to changing industry landscapes and regulations.

    By streamlining the policy development process, we aid in reducing compliance risks. Your organisation remains competitive, efficient, and adherent to market laws.  

    Fraud investigation and Forensic service.

    As one of the biggest corporate risks, our auditors are equipped and trained to investigate activities that could harm your organisation’s interests. We can conduct forensic reviews to discover any unethical practices and behaviour.

    Any inconsistency and discrepancy in the records will be detected, listed, and reported. We can also help Fraud Management Plans to prevent illicit activities and remain compliant.


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    AMW Audit offers the best external financial audit services in Australia with a value-oriented risk-assessment approach and a regulation-compliant reporting process. Our highly qualified team of audit professionals can provide you with the necessary expertise to avoid operational weaknesses and improve the organisation’s efficiency.

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