Put your business in the best possible position

if you face a financial audit


If you received an audit letter today, would you feel confident that your business was fully prepared?

Most companies struggle when it comes to audits. The process can be complex to understand, and it’s difficult to know what documentation you need and which financial statements to prepare.

We can take the stress out of the process by making sure your business is audit ready, enabling you to face your audit with total confidence.

The Audit Ready Specialists You Need by your Side

We are a team of specialists with many years of experience preparing businesses just like yours for audit. We provide a tailored service based on the specific needs of your business – we don’t believe there is such a thing as a “one-size-fits-all” approach when it comes to the audit process.

We will take the time to consult closely with you, getting to understand your organisation in depth and taking a detailed look at the requirements of your industry. From there, we can create a bespoke audit ready plan, working with your finance team to identify and prepare all the relevant documentation.

Our process is designed to fit seamlessly with the day-to-day operation of your business. We will do our best to cause as minimal of a disruption and downtime during the audit process.  Our service is specifically tailored to help you face your audit in a timely, organised, stress-free manner.

Our Audit Ready Process

As a highly experienced and respected team, we have a deep understanding of the information auditors expect to see. This puts us in the best position to get your business ready for audit.

Our process includes:

  • Preparing financial reports under all reporting systems including A-IFRS
  • Collating relevant audit workpaper files
  • Reviewing your current financial models, including pricing, cash flow and net tangible assets
  • Developing new financial models where necessary
  • Carrying out a risk assessment, and, based on this, creating a risk management strategy for your organisation
  • Identifying any issues with your accounting or tax, and putting processes in place to address these issues
  • Suggesting any necessary changes to your financial reporting
  • Preparing valuations for your financial reports
  • Offering expert opinions on where improvements could be made

By going through this process step by step, paying close attention to every detail at every stage, we can get your organisation into the best possible shape to face your audit.

Find Out More About Becoming Audit Ready

If your business is facing a financial audit, or if you have concerns about facing an audit in the future, please contact us.
Our specialist team are happy to help you get prepared.