Risk consulting is a necessary part of running a business. Threats can come in all shapes and sizes, many of which could be missed by the internal accounting department. This is something that a competent operation simply can’t ignore. 

Corporations have landed in hot water due to the smallest of oversights before.

In this regard, AMW Audit is perfectly poised to serve businesses and organisations with their risk management needs. We have the expertise, the experience, the qualifications, and the skills to do so with no conflict of interest. 

We understand the need for and are fully prepared to provide accurate reports based on our careful examination of financial documentation from client businesses and organisations. 

No Conflict of Interest

One of the biggest reasons why the end of financial year audits are done by third-party auditors is due to the issue of a conflict of interest. There is the risk that the one doing the auditing might be influenced in some way, which could then skew the results of the report. As a result, the figures would not be trustworthy and might cause harm to the company or the organisation’s financial health.

This is where AMW Audit comes into play.

As a fully audit-only firm, we are in the perfect position to offer our services to clients in need of an audit. We go to great lengths to ensure that none of our auditors has any ties to the clients that we serve. 

This then ensures a completely independent risk assessment and management process. One that will provide accurate reports and will help inform executives and top leaders to make decisions regarding their business or organisation.  

Proficient Audit Assurance and Risk Consulting

AMW Audit has a team of professional auditors that have the training and qualifications to conduct risk assessments and produce reliable reports. The resulting services will also meet the standards of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC). 


This is an important consideration since businesses are expected to adhere to accounting standards when submitting audits. This will require qualified and proficient auditors with the right skills for the job.

In many cases, one of the biggest obstacles to producing an accurate and reliable audit is the deficiency in familiarity with the task. There is a considerable amount of data that needs to be considered when conducting a risk assessment and an internal audit.

Weeks or even months of financial information need to be sifted through and extrapolated to come up with a clear picture of where a business or an organisation stands. Most clients simply don’t have the personnel with the capability to handle such a taxing job. 

AMW Audit does.

Thanks to our auditors, businesses and organisations can simply hand over all of the relevant information and leave the rest to us. We will comb through the financial reports and provide our findings in the clearest, most concise form possible. 

Experienced and Efficient Internal Audit Consulting

Auditing financial statements and conducting risk assessments will require the right training and skills. However, years of experience and handling hundreds of cases will also help make the process faster, more efficient, and prone to fewer errors. 

This is what AMW Audit’s auditors have in spades.

After handling hundreds of clients every year for several years, a risk assessment can be done quickly and with minimal issues. This is a huge benefit for clients since spending more time on the task will mean more money spent.

At the same time, experienced auditors are also ideal for showing client personnel how to prepare the relevant data for audit. They can explain how to approach the matter the right way and how to avoid making costly mistakes. 

This results in accounting departments becoming more capable of conducting preliminary preparations for the next time a risk assessment is needed. Doing so adds the advantage of saving time, once again, which cuts down on costs even more. 

Detailed and Accurate Risk Consulting Reports

A risk assessment lives and dies by the accuracy of the details that it contains. Decision-makers will rely on it to plot the course of their ventures both big and small. Any mistake that is found, down to the decimal could result in catastrophic damage to the business or organisation.


This is where the expertise, training, and experience of our auditors can truly shine. With so many years of providing professional quality risk assessment services, AMW Audit clients can trust that every report we produce will be accurate and detailed. 

This is a statement that we can easily stand behind because we have been providing precisely-collated risk assessment reports for years. We also make it a point to emphasize the accuracy of gathering relevant data by a company or organisation’s internal accounting team.

Extensive List of Audit Assurance and Risk Consulting Solutions

AMW Audit has an expansive selection of potential solutions to problems plaguing enterprises that pose considerable risks to their financial security. These include:

  • Risk Management
  • Corporate Government Advisory
  • Information Technology (IT) Audit
  • Compliance Reviews
  • Internal Audits
  • Operational and Process Reviews
  • Policy and Procedures Development & Management 
  • Fraud investigation and Forensic service

We take risk assessment and management extremely seriously and this is reflected in the solutions that we have to offer. Cases can differ wildly and we need to approach them based on what will produce the best results. 


AMW Audit is one of the best and most reliable audit-only firms to provide independent, professional, and accurate risk assessment and consulting services. After providing our expertise for many years and handling hundreds of cases, we can guarantee that we are fully capable of serving clients exactly as needed.

We can also assure customers that we are a fully independent firm with absolutely no conflict of interest when we take on a case. Our qualified auditors adhere to accounting standards and always make it a point to choose businesses and organisations where they don’t have personal ties. This preserves the credibility of our reports and will assure executives and regulators that everything is above board.