About Us

AMW Audit is a Chartered Accounting Firm and a specialist audit practice.
We have locations spread throughout Australia.

Our mission is to be a progressive, successful audit practice which provides clients with quality pro-active, value for money professional services, contributing to the prosperity, well-being and success of clients, staff and partners.

Our Audit Approach


At AMW Audit we recognise that the end product is not exciting, and it is very consistent from firm to firm…The Audit Report.

Therefore, we place significant emphasis on the audit journey.

Our aim is to reach the conclusion of the audit, resulting in a clean (unqualified) audit report with as little disruption as possible to your hard-working staff. We do this in the following ways:

  1.  Use a consistent team year on year if possible;
  2.  Encourage year-round communication to ensure a timely resolution to any difficulties faced by you;
  3.  We retain quality staff, so that we can retain quality clients like yourself;
  4. Try to build great relationships with the people we work with; and
  5. Ensure that our clients understand that we are part of your team, we are in your corner and work with you to achieve your compliance requirements — we do not work for any of your regulatory bodies.

Our experience has shown that many bookkeepers, financial controllers, business managers and accountants are apprehensive about their audit visit. Some because their own experiences have been difficult, with the audit firm sending out a new team every year and having to field the same questions year after year. Others feel that they are being targeted and can become defensive and uncooperative. We do our best to manage these common complaints and work with you to achieve your compliance requirements, improve your systems and controls and get to the end product of the Audit Report with as little stress as possible.

Our History

  • Don Munro and Barry Virgo start Munro’s CPA accounting firm with the intention to service rural and urban businesses

  • Don Munro and Greg Wyllie created the audit division of Munro’s CPA and named it M&W Chartered Accountants
  • M&W Chartered Accountants breaks away from Munro’s CPA and becomes Munro & Wyllie

  • Greg Wyllie retires and sells Munro & Wyllie to Graham Anderson, forming Anderson, Munro & Wyllie
  • Billy-Joe and Chris McLaughlin buy out Graham Anderson
  • Chris McLaughlin retires from the firm

  • Anderson Munro & Wyllie acquire a 100% stake in Brian Tucker Audit, a well respected specialist in Aboriginal art centres across Australia

  • Anderson Munro & Wyllie acquire the audit division of Bottrell Business Services, a prominent firm in Newcastle NSW


  • Anderson Munro & Wyllie acquire a 100% stake in Intentus Chartered Accountants in regional NSW


  • Anderson Munro & Wyllie re-brands to AMW Audit and to incorporate all entities AMW Audit Group

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